Requesting Transfers


The New Transfer applications will be online and are taken on a first come basis. Applications may also be picked up and dropped off at the Central Administration Building 

No transfers accepted after June 30, 2020

Completed and signed Transfer Application—any incomplete applications will not be considered. All records will be verified by LEA staff.

o Attach a copy of student’s current or last year’s attendance record

o Attach a copy of the student’s current or last year’s discipline record

Students who have been homeschooled must provide documentation from previous schools or proof of academic achievement within the homeschool program from the current and previous two years.

All students shall be considered for transfer into the district on an individual basis in accordance with federal court orders, current board policy, and state laws and regulations. In order to transfer into the district, a student must:

o Have a good discipline record;

o If home schooled, provide documentation from previous schools; and

o May not be a Pre-K student

Students must maintain acceptable levels of attendance and compliance with the Student Code of Conduct throughout the entire school year.

Approval or Denial Letters will be mailed by July 10th 2020

If transfer request is accepted:This transfer is effective for the current school year only. District approval of this transfer creates no right or expectation that the student will be admitted as a transfer for any subsequent school year. This transfer is approved for the named student only. District approval of this transfer creates no right or expectation that another student from the same family will be admitted as a transfer.

Jourdanton ISD reserves the right to refuse admission of any transfer student whose presence in the school would not be in the best interest of the students of Jourdanton ISD.

Transfer request will be denied if the acceptance of that transfer student at any particular grade level would result in the district having to employ an additional teacher. The district annually reviews the impact of transfer students on staffing and reserves the right to reject any transfers previously accepted which impact staffing levels.

Reasons for Denial

Space/staffing available in that particular grade level

Growth rate of the campus

Requires employment of additional staff


o Has 3 or more unexcused absences (days/ periods/block)

o Excused absences equal to or greater than 5% of the total days/periods/blocks during which a student has been enrolled, or was not promoted as a result of failure to meet attendance requirements

*Tardies—student has incurred excessive unexcused tardies defined as:

o Late on 5 or more days (elementary)

o Late on 5 or more class periods/blocks (secondary)


o Has been suspended, expelled, or placed in DAEP

o Has 2 or more discipline referrals

o Wishes to avoid disciplinary action at his/her current school, or

o Has engaged in delinquent conduct or has been convicted of a criminal offense and is on probation or other conditional release

Revocation of a previous year transfer

Reasons for Revoking

Not maintaining compliance with the Student Code of Conduct throughout the entire school year.

Attendance below 95%

AEP/DAEP/JJAEPplacements of any kind.

After receiving a one-year probation and the identified issue(s) has not been corrected, the student may be revoked at the discretion of the superintendent.